Sankt Jörgen Park's Award-Winning Spa Ritual

Our multi-award winning spa ritual has become the spa lovers favorite and a great way to experience the spa. You choose one of four rituals.
Three classics are always on the menu, Energy, Purify and Relax

The Spa ritual includes:

  • optional spa ritual with nice products and a spa schedule
  • Bathrobe and towel to borrow
  • Slippers and bag to bring home
  • Fruit and tea inside the spa
  • Free access to the Sport Club with both indoor and outdoor gym and fitness classes

Price from: 900 SEK/person

At our spa, we have an age limit of 18 years accompanied by an adult 13 years. You as a parent or guardian is responsible for your child.

For those who wish there is the opportunity to eat lunch, a Rawfood inspired buffet which is served from 12 pm-15 pm. Every year we are launching a limited edition of Sparitualen and 2016 sparitual launched February 15th.

We reserve the right to changes.

Mon-Thur SEK 900 SEK/person
Fri-Sun 1100 SEK/person



Extra luxury